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PMEM Programming Bootcamp

September 21-23, 2020

Welcome to the Persistent Memory Programming Bootcamp, where SDC attendees can take a deep dive into real-world programming based on SNIA’s NVM Programming Model. After a Monday September 21 tutorial session that can be accessed throughout the conference as well, participants can program a variety of persistent memory code examples in a cloud environment, develop simple applications, and receive coaching along the way. A Birds-of-a-Feather on Tuesday, September 22, will be the perfect venue for discussion and live Q&A.

Your PMEM Programming Bootcamp Includes

  • A Tutorial Session by Andy Rudoff, member of the SNIA Persistent Memory Programming Technical Work Group and Persistent Memory SW Architect, Intel Corporation. Access it directly in the video window to the right and return during the conference whenever you need a refresher.
  • Access to live Persistent Memory systems in the cloud
  • A PDF of the new book – Programming Persistent Memory – a Comprehensive Guide for Developers

Ask an Expert

PMEM experts will be online in Slack to answer your questions from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm PT (-7UDC) each day of SDC. Ask your questions here.

Live Q&A will be available in the Persistent Memory Birds of a Feather session 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm PDT (-7UDC) on Tuesday September 22.

How To Participate

You only need a desktop/laptop/tablet with access to the Internet and some basic programming knowledge to begin learning.

  • Step 1: Watch the Tutorial in the video window of Andy Rudoff presenting the PM Programming Material at Flash Memory Summit '19. We'd like to thank Flash Memory Summit for the video.
  • Step 2: Our SNIA PM Workshop systems are cloud-based systems with Intel Optane persistent memory, located in a datacenter hosted by Packet. Log onto to the Workshop to access. Once there, click "Request Access" and enter your e-mail and the Workshop ID "pmdk". You'll receive a login and password that you can save and use throughout SDC.
  • Step 3: Run through the tutorials, or use the "Shell" that you access from the upper-left menu to learn about PM Programming, and contact us on the Slack Channel for help.

Thanks to the PMEM Bootcamp Sponsor

SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative