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Shyamkumar Iyer

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Dell Office of CTO

Distinguished Member of Technical staff in Dell's Office of CTO for Servers with many years of experience Researching, Designing, Developing, Debugging, Validating, Leading and Driving System and Software solutions that have an industry wide impact. Experienced at leading research concepts that turn into industry first products or influence roadmaps significantly. With 20 granted patents and 30+ pending, Shyam has wide experience in architecture, protocol & system software stacks & hardware definitions.

Shyam is also the Chair for SDXI(Smart Data Acceleration Interface), a newly formed SNIA TWG which aims to develop, extend and drive an extensible, virtualizable, forward-compatible, memory to memory data movement and acceleration interface standard.

Software-based memory-to-memory data movement is common, but takes valuable cycles away from application performance. At the same time, offload DMA…

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