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Mike Scriber

Sr. Director, Server Solution Management

Mike Scriber is the Sr. Director Server Solution Management at Supermicro, where he designs very high density storage systems using NVMe. His recent work includes 1U racks with close to 1 petabyte capacity using U.2 drives and the EDSFF form factor drives. Before joining Supermicro, he was Director of Systems Engineering at Samsung Semiconductor, where he designed and developed the first 2U 40 NVMe SSD storage systems. He has also held senior engineering positions at Dell, Toshiba, IBM, and Intel during his 35-year career in the technology industry. He earned an MS in computer engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a BS in computer engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

I will discuss the adoption of NVMe in our industry and discuss what is happening with NVMe. How are CPUs…

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